Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing


Today, in this rapidly changing environment, every business should be able to target their customers in a matter of minutes and also get their desired results. Bulk SMS can be used to drive sales of specific items on specific days to clear out extra stock or to feature new stock arrivals.

Other ways of promotions (Television commercials, newspaper ads and other outdoor advertising) can be too expensive for small business. On the other hand, Bulk SMS Marketing services are comparatively quite cheaper than the other forms. It requires very low-level setup costs and low pay per use costs.

Do you know SMS market can help you increase sales by upto 153%?

SMS Marketing is a way to send bulk messages to a group of people in a particular area. This is one of the most common and widely used method to promote your brand and showcase your offer. Do you know 57% of the people immediately read the text message whenever they receive it.

According to a survey out of scale of 100->

Text messages are read 97%
E-mails are read 54%
Tweets are read 29%
Facebook posts are read 13%

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